Wheel modifications

We can engineer existing wheels to

  • Drill blank wheels, modify stud patterns or PCD’s – This is usually $16+gst per hole
  • Enlarge the centre bore – This is $140+gst for the first wheel and $70+gst for each additional wheel)
  • Shave the mounting face – This is $140+gst for the first wheel and $70+gst for each additional wheel)
  • Split and assemble 2 piece wheels – This is $100+gst per wheel
  • Split and assemble 3 piece wheels including resealing – This is $175+gst per wheel
  • Reseal leaking 3 piece wheels  – This is $75+gst per wheel

All engineering works requires the tyre to be removed. 

We can remove your tyre, and refit and balance it for you for an additional $30+gst per tyre.

We can also manufacture custom fit CBL (centre bore locating) rings. A set of four rings will cost $170+gst and an additional $30+gst if we need to take measurements. 

We can also modify off the shelf rings and can do the ID (internal diameter) for $60+gst for a set of four and the OD (outer diameter) for $60+gst for a set of four.

Any wheel modification has to be assessed at our workshop to make sure that it can be done.

It is your responsibility to check with a LVV certifier if the modifications will require LVV certification for your vehicle.