CNC machined / diamond spun wheels

Have a polished looking finish to the face of the wheel and if you inspect it closely you will see faint lines or rings going across the face of the spokes, similar to looking at the back of a DVD.

The sides of the spokes are a painted finish and when they are painted in a contrasting colour, like black or anthracite, it is easy to identify a machined wheel as it is clearly a 2 tone wheel, but when the inserts are painted silver the contrast is harder to notice and they can easily be mistaken as a painted silver wheel. 

They usually cost $290+Gst for the first wheel and $210+Gst for each extra wheel on the same car when done at the same time.

This price includes tyre fitting, balancing, machining, and re clear coating the wheel. 

If welding is required (for deep gouges) or the painted inserts require repainting, this will incur extra charges. It can be as little as $50+gst if you just want the edge machined. 

This type of wheel can only be repaired at our workshop and can be done in one full day. As these wheels are produced on a CNC lathe, to repair them properly, they must also go on a CNC lathe. We are the only repairers in Auckland with not one, but two CNC lathe.

If in doubt of what type of wheels you have or you want to know the price to repair them, come and see us or use the request a quote button at the top of the page