Bent / buckled / cracked wheels

When a wheel has a collision, usually with a pothole but could be with a curb, another car, etc. it can get bent out of round.

Often a bent wheel will create an annoying vibration at certain speeds when driving. Some cars can absorb the feedback a bent wheel will give and you may not know you have one until you go for a WOF and fail because of a bent wheel. 

In most cases, we can straighten your wheel back to factory tolerances and it usually costs between $150-250+gst. 

They can only be repaired at our workshop and even with our specialist machinery the engineering processes used to safely straighten your wheel take two days to complete.

Some times the collision will also make the wheel crack as well as bend, if this is the case, it is usually fine to repair and will typically cost $200-$300+gst to repair. Some wheels crack due to metal fatigue, and if this is the case with your wheel, you should replace your wheel because while we can repair the crack, we can’t restore the fatigue level of your wheel and it will continue to crack.

Bent, buckled, and cracked wheels have to be assessed at our workshop to make sure that they can be repaired and how much they will cost.